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Recording your own videos using any background has never been so easy!

Green Screen App Available on Android and iOS

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Thousands of green screens backgrounds

Be anywhere. From the comfort of your home

Select any of thousands of background sets that come with this app, professional scene settings such as work offices, sky, outdoor. You also can choose between animated scenes with busy employees in it, which is perfect to give a professional look to your video and add weight to what you have to say.

Lots of fun features

For Fun and for Pros

The app saves your videos instantly to the Photo Library. No need to wait for it to process. And since the videos are in the Photo Library, you’re one step away to share them by email, text message, to youtube, dropbox or any of your favorite apps.

You don’t even need a green screen since this app let’s you choose what color range to remove from the environment around you and make it transparent to show the background of your choice.

Add your own custom background images from the web, your photo library or straight from your camera.
The images you import can also be totally customized using our top-notch image editing tool that would crop, and rotate your background image.


Finally, this app is free to use, with all background images and all features. Now that’s a deal you cannot refuse! Download it now.

Green Screen Software New Functionality

  • New: Participate in new challenges. Winners earn unique badges and rewards.
  • New: The new trending section lets you explore the top trending videos.
  • New: Search for friends to follow.
  • New: access our social feed and watch the amazing videos made by the community.
  • New: Turn multiple pictures into a video clip.
  • New: convert your video into animated GIF.
  • New: hundreds of pre-made sets of background images with overlay animations.
  • New: Added magic slime mode. Fantasy filters to turn your slime into magical slime.
  • New: Added color picker to select which color to remove from the background.
  • New: Added settings option to enable or disable audio from background movies.
  • New: Better overall performance.
  • New: hold the record button for 3 seconds to take pictures from a movie and from the camera stream.
  • New: Audio from background movies and imported movie clips are merged together when recording videos.
  • New: Camera flash can be turned on or turned off.
  • Better performance on tablets.
  • New: Use your watch to start and stop recording remotely.
  • New: Rotate your videos in landscape mode or portrait mode.
  • New: Rotate background animated movies in portrait mode or landscape mode.
  • New: you can now change background images and videos while recording.
  • New: you can toggle green screen on or off while recording.
  • New: you can adjust chroma key color while recording videos.
  • New: you can now mirror the front camera horizontally which allow text to become readable.
  • New: application works without internet connection.
  • New: add introduction video and add conclusion video (outro) to your creations.
  • New: thousands of new stickers, emojis, and animated gifs.
  • New: thousands of new backgrounds and animated background movies.
  • New: add your own text banners to your live recordings, videos and photos.
  • New: access daily trending background images and stickers to make trending videos.
  • New: set the countdown timer on or off. You can also adjust how long the timer lasts.
  • New: You can now apply the green screen effect on any photos & videos from your Photo Gallery.
  • New: Add your own background videos and animated movies in the background layer.
  • New: add music to videos and photos.
  • New background images and animated backgrounds.
  • New special effects: bubbles, rainbow, lightning, red curtains, stars.
  • New: stickers emojis and animated overlays can now be moved around, rotated and scaled up or scaled down.